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New procedure to apply for visit and business visas to Brazil

Updated: Jan 5

Brazilian visitor/business visa
Brazilian visitor visa

The Brazilian government has introduced a new Electronic Visa (eVisa) system for travelers from Australia, Canada, and the United States visiting Brazil for tourism or business purposes.

This online platform, exclusively managed by VFS, streamlines the visa application process. As of December 1st, 2023, the eVisa platform is operational, requiring applicants to apply online.

How to apply for Brazilian visitor and business visa?

  • 1st step: Provide the required information.

  • 2nd step: Pay the fee.

  • 3rd step: Download you eVisa pdf.

Know your visa type (visitor and business)

You can apply for the eVisa if you fit in the conditions mentioned below:

  • You intend to go to Brazil as a Visitor or Business category.

  • Your stay in Brazil will not exceed 90 days.

  • You hold an American,Canadian and Australian passport. In contrast, the Consular Visa is open to a broader range of nationalities.

Applicants qualify if their purpose of travel falls under the following categories:

  1. Business: For attending meetings, trade fairs, exploring business opportunities, or contractual engagements. Engaging in paid activities in Brazil is prohibited, and the stay must not exceed 90 days.

  2. Tourism: Intended for tourists engaging in recreational, informative, or familial activities in Brazil.

  3. Transit: For travelers passing through Brazil en route to their final destination. It's applicable if staying within the international transit area of Brazilian ports or airports without passing through immigration control and holding a single air ticket.

  4. Seminars or Conferences: For participating in specific events like conferences, seminars, or meetings without receiving remuneration. Even if expenses for stay, transport, and food are covered, the visa can still be granted.

  5. Crewmember: Reserved for individuals working as aircraft or vessel crew members, excluding cases where an international seafarer card issued under ILO terms is presented.

  6. Fiancé(e) or spouse of a Brazilian citizen: Designed for foreign spouses or family members visiting their Brazilian partners or relatives.

Applicants should align their purpose of travel with these defined categories to determine eligibility for the eVisa before applying through the official portal. It is not possible to ask for the reimbursement of any fee.

Documents required for Visitor and Business visas

For a Brazil e-visa, whether for tourism or business trips up to 90 days, you'll need specific documents:

For Both Tourism and Business Visas:

  • Signed passport valid for the duration of your Brazil trip with 2 visa pages free.

  • Completed online visa application form.

  • Passport-style photo (2” x 2”, white background).

  • Payment of the e-visa fee (US$ 80.90).

  • Confirmation of flight reservations displaying entry and exit from Brazil.

  • Printed bank statement demonstrating transactions over the last 30 days, with a minimum balance of US$ 2,000.00 for travel.

Additional Business Visa Requirements:

  • Business travelers must include extra materials.

  • A letter from either the U.S. or Brazilian company on company stationery, signed by a manager/director/supervisor. This letter should include:

    • Nature of the company's/organization's business or activities in Brazil.

    • Applicant’s title, job description, and monthly salary.

    • Description of business activities to be conducted by the applicant in Brazil.

    • Names and addresses of Brazilian companies with which the applicant will conduct business.

    • Contact details in Brazil: names, phone numbers, and positions.

    • Expected travel dates.

    • Confirmation of the company’s financial support for the applicant during their stay.

    • Affirmation that the applicant won't engage in technical assistance or salaried work (for which a different visa is required).

Be sure to present all required documents. If your eVisa is denied, you must apply for a Consular Visa.

Important notes:

  • The eVisa is mandatory for air travelers from these countries starting April 10th, 2024. Travelers arriving on April 9th are advised to apply early to prevent travel disruptions due to delays.

  • Those with existing valid physical visas for their visit purpose do not require a new eVisa.

  • Travelers must select their nationality according to their travel document when applying. Brazilian nationals are not eligible for the eVisa and should contact their consulate for visa information.

  • If you hold a Diplomatic Passport or Special Passport, you will still need a eVisa for your entry.

  • The average processing time for an eVisa application is typically 5 working days.

  • If you don’t submit the additional documents within 10 to 15 days, your eVisa will be denied and you will have to start a new application at the Consulate.

  • If your eVisa is denied, you have to apply for a Consular Visa directly to the Brazilian Consulate of your jurisdiction.

This development aims to facilitate hassle-free entry into Brazil for eligible travelers, ensuring a smoother journey by completing the eVisa process in advance.

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