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How to get a permanent visa in Brazil?

Brazilian visas

Brazil offers several types of permanent visas. However, please note that immigration policies and visa categories may change over time, so it's essential to check with us the most up-to-date Brazilian visa requirements. Here are some common types of Brazilian permanent visa applications:

1 - FAMILY REUNION: for family members of Brazilian citizens or permanent residents, including spouses, children, and parents.

2- RETIREMENT VISA: for retirees who can prove they have a stable source of income, such as a pension or retirement fund.

3 - INVESTOR VISA: Foreign investors ho are willing to make a significant financial investment in Brazil through purchasing real estate, starting or investing in a business.

4 - WORK VISA: This visa is available to individuals who have secured a job in Brazil with a registered Brazilian employer.

5 - RESEARCHER OR SCIENTIST VISA: Researchers, scientists, and academics who have been invited to work at Brazilian research institutions or universities.

6 - ARTIST OR ATHLETE VISA: This visa is for foreign artists, musicians, athletes, and performers who have been invited to work or perform in Brazil.

7 - MERCOSUR NATIONALS OR ASSOCIATED COUNTRIES: Citizens of Mercosur countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Equador, Uruguay, and Paraguay) may be eligible for a permanent visa under the Mercosur agreement, as well citizens of the associated countries (Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana).

8 – HUMANITARIAN REASONS for citizens of Haiti, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Siria.

9 – FOR CUBAN OR DOMINICAN REPUBLIC CITIZENS that have joined to the program More Doctors for Brazil. (Visto para nacionais do programa Mais Médicos para o Brasil).

10 - For nationals of the community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries – CPLP. (Visto para nacionais da Comunidade dos Países de Lingua Portuguesa – CPLP).

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